Yes we did say Broker!

Biowood Recycling started off life as a pallet-brokering business.  Technically today, we are still a Broker by definition, just on a much larger scale. And yes - we did say Broker!


Don't like the B-word? There are not many businesses these days that don't broker out their services. Consultants, Travel Agents, Advisors...(to name just a few)

We won't shy away from using the term because we know that it has many benefits to both us and you as a business...


Not owning our own facilities or fleet of lorries means that we have the flexibility to work with whoever we feel will provide the best service for each individual case. It enables us to provide a best-fit, un-biased match for every scenario, ensuring that the solution we offer is truly bespoke to your individual requirements.

And whilst we don't own any of the lorries or facilities that we use, we have spent the last six years building up our network of contacts to ensure that we have a trusted, reliable and responsible chain of companies that are always on hand to work with us to provide a first-class service.

We have spent the last six years building up a trusted, reliable and responsible network of companies that we can rely on to provide a first-class service

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Rest assured we are what we say on the tin!

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