I have some old wooden pallets that I no longer require. Will you take them?

Yes, we do deal with pallets but it is no longer our main line of business. Whilst recycling pallets was where Biowood started, the business has diversified over the years to encompass generic waste as a whole

Do you actually process the material on site?

No, we don't have facilities to process material on site, but we work within an established network of reputable processors and operate a managed collection and delivery service across that network.

I have a haulage company and am looking for new contracts – how do I become one of your trusted partners?

Great! Whilst we work with an established network of hauliers, we welcome new contacts that can help us increase our capacity and nationwide reach. Email our Operations team to find out more.

I have been let down by my regular outlet – can you find me an alternative destination?

Yes! We deal with a mixture of both contracted and ad-hoc requirements. Our extensive network of contacts ensures that we have the flexibility to divert loads to alternative destinations as and when necessary. Be aware though - once you have started using us, you may not want to stop! Contact us to discuss your requirements.

What does RDF and SRF stand for?

RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel) and SRF (Solid Recovered Fuel) are types of fuel from combustable waste materials such as wood, paper, card, plastics and textiles. Download our information leaflet here to find out how these  products are utilised.

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